Ambulance Service

Preferred Medical Transport provides a variety of services in Houston and the surrounding areas. We serve a variety of facilities in Houston and all across the state of Texas. Our network of service include hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, clinics, emergency centers, treatment and diagnostics facilities, senior living centers, dialysis centers, and wherever you need us to be.

Ultimate care and assistance to every patient

24/7 Emergency and Non-Emergency Ambulance service.

Whether it's an emergency transport to the hospital emergency room, or just a stretcher transport to a doctor's office, we do it all. Preferred Medical Transport services the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, as well as longer distances as your needs require. Harris | Walker| Fort Bend | Wharton | Brazoria | Galveston | Chambers |Liberty | San Jacinto | Montgomery. Conveniently located near the Medical Center, Preferred Medical Transport provides transportation services to medical facilities throughout the Houston Area.

Here to Serve You.

Our Mission is to provide the highest-quality non-emergency and emergency medical services and pre-hospital medical care with respect and compassion for all. We continually strive to be the top choice for patient focused and customer centered medical transport throughout the Houston area. Those efforts have provided our patients with some of the most highly trained and compassionate transport care available. We always put our patients first and we take pride in the quality service our trained and caring team of specialists provide. Preferred Medical Transport has earned an excellent reputation in the Houston area for providing fully-equipped ambulances, skilled staff, efficiency, and consistent quality service.

Preferred Medical Transport
7535 South Fwy Houston, TX 77021 US
Phone: 7137919000 Website:
Preferred Medical Transport
Phone: 7137919000 Website:
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